Out of the Depths

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On November 20, 1968, the coal mine in Farmington, West Virginia, exploded. Seventy-eight miners were trapped inside for ten days while rescuers fought fires, methane, and more explosions, trying to reach them. On the tenth day, the day after Thanksgiving, the mine was sealed with the seventy-eight still inside.

That's the backdrop. This is our story.

Reverend Bob Duncan is an intellectual preacher assigned to a fundamentalist congregation in Farmington. He can't reach them, and it shakes his faith to its foundation. When the mine explodes, he's forced to care for his people through ten days of agonizing waiting. Though his own faith is failing, he tries to lead them to a God he's not even sure is there.


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After a brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, New York City teenager Terry is paraplegic. Terry's mother books him a slot in a brand new health spa in the middle-of-nowhere town of Miracle Springs, West Virginia.

A skeptic from the start, Terry is determined to uncover the snake oil. The claims of the townsfolk and their euphoric attitudes seem too good to be true, but what Terry uncovers is more sinister than he ever imagined. When one of the townsfolk goes on a cannibalistic rampage, Terry discovers the truth about the healing springs and the so-called cure flowing through his veins.

The Choosing One

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In a distant land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a mighty hero to free an enslaved people from their oppressors. The hero comes, the Chosen One. Together with his band of warriors, he sets out to fulfill the prophecy. But the Chosen One is slain, killed in the night in his tent, struck down almost before he begins.

The only one who knows it is his untalented, untested brother. Unwilling to tell his people that hope is lost, he keeps the Chosen One's death a secret. When they clamor for their hero, he takes on the mantle himself, impersonating the hero to inspire the people. Guided by the Seer's apprentice, and with the aid of a wily, mysterious woman, the accidental hero sets out to fulfill the prophecy and free his people. Not because he was chosen, but because he chose.

Kerry Pickens

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Kerry Pickens is the sweetest girl in the entire world, and the best pet photographer in tiny Bluebeard's Booty, Rhode Island. To help her cover the taxes on her family's ancient ancestral home, Chief Stone hires her to take crime scene photos. The problem is, her first assignment turns out to be her best friend, dead at the bottom of a cliff.

Chief rules it a suicide, but Kerry knows her friend wouldn't do that. Over Chief's objections, Kerry investigates, and discovers that her friend was murdered because he found Bluebeard's legendary treasure. Armed with only her quirky, naive wits, Kerry pursues the killer through twists, betrayals, and pirate gold, in a fast-paced comedy with genuine heart.

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The Shield of Athena

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The Shield of Athena pits demigods against dorm-rats in a modern mythological race on the high seas. On Spring Break in the Greek Isles, college revelers stumble upon the Shield of Athena: the severed head of Medusa disguised as a large coin. Medusa's legendary sisters, the Gorgons, will stop at nothing to retrieve it. To make things worse, our heroes are hunted by the coin's protectors, a massive flock of harpies: half hag, half vulture, and all nasty.

Our heroes sail for their lives and search desperately for answers. What is this hideous coin? Who are their relentless pursuers? And what mysterious secret haunts the Greek twins that are sailing with them? The least motivated of them all, a seven-year-senior slacker, rises to the occasion to face the monsters like the heroes of legend.

Sea Jane

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Jane longs for the wide-open freedom of the high seas, but her life is anything but free. She's trapped by an overbearing husband and stuck in a mind-numbingly dull career. Her oppressive existence is shattered one morning when a car runs a red light and Jane t-bones it.

Wracked with unfounded guilt, Jane visits the comatose driver every day. Free of her rigid routine, Jane imagines and escapes into a vivid high-seas fantasy. With the comatose driver as her guide, Jane becomes a swashbuckling seafarer. Little by little, the carefree, "swashbuckling-fantasy Jane" influences "real-life Jane" to take charge of her life and be the person she was always afraid to be.